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General questions

    Where is RAV Zug located?

    RAV Zug

    Hertizentrum 6

    6300 Zug

    Opposite Bossard Arena

For job seekers

What do I do after receiving notice?

    Signing on with RAV

    • Sign on at an early stage with RAV online. Retroactive registration is not possible.
    • RAV Zug will invite you for a consultation.

    Registration in the Job Room

    After you have signed up at RAV, you will receive a letter of confirmation with a request to register in the Job Room. You can find out how to do this from the Registration in the Job Room video.

    To video guidance


    Looking for a job during your notice period

    • Apply for new jobs as soon as you receive notice. This means that from the point when you receive written or verbal notice or three months before the end of temporary employment or in the event of foreseeable unemployment (seasonal/temporary employment).
    • Apply regularly and throughout the month (two to three applications per week). As a rule, we require you to complete a minimum of 8-12 applications per month.
    • Collect your efforts to find work and keep them.

    Your application dossier

    • Prepare or update your application documents as soon as possible.

What are my rights?

    Am I entitled to unemployment benefit?

    You are entitled if:

    • You are wholly or partially unemployed.
    • You live in Switzerland, have completed your compulsory schooling and have not yet reached the OASI retirement age.
    • You have completed the contribution period. This means that you must have been in employment subject to contributions for at least 12 months within the last two years before your claim.
    • You are exempt from contributions, i.e. you have statutory grounds for exemption.
    • You are fit for placement, have suffered an eligible absence (at least two successive working days) and comply with the monitoring rules. This means that you are ready, able and entitled to accept reasonable work and to participate in required measures.

    How much is my unemployment benefit?

    • You are entitled to five days' daily allowance per week.
    • Your unemployment benefit basically corresponds to 70% of your insured salary or 80% if you have maintenance obligations towards children under the age of 25.
    • The maximum salary is the average of the salary subject to OASI (statutory old-age pension contributions) in the last 6 months or, if higher, 12 months before you became unemployed. The maximum amount is CHF 12,350.
    • If you have child maintenance obligations, you can claim child or education allowances.
    • For an insured salary between CHF 3,797 and CHF 4,340, the daily allowance is a minimum of CHF 140.

    For what period do I receive unemployment benefit?

    • Depending on your personal circumstances (e.g. period of contributions, age, maintenance obligations), you can draw unemployment benefit for a period between four months and two years.

    What are waiting period days and how long is it before the first payment is made?

    • Your first payment is not paid out until the waiting period days have elapsed.
    • The number of waiting period days depends on your income and your maintenance obligations.

    Am I entitled to holidays during unemployment?

    • After every 60 (working) days (corresponding to 3 months) of monitored unemployment, you receive five days' paid leave (monitoring-free days of benefit).
    • During your leave, you do not have to attend appointments or make an effort to find work.
    • Days of leave that are not taken lapse after the end of the qualifying period.


    • We comply with the data protection rules.
    • You have the right to access the data held about you by RAV or by the unemployment insurance fund.

    Can I seek work in the EU or EFTA?

    • You can seek work in the EU or EFTA. You have the option to export your Swiss unemployment benefit for a maximum of three months under certain conditions (export of benefits).
    • Discuss the next steps with your personnel consultant if you would like to look for employment in the EU/EFTA.

    How am I insured during my unemployment?

    OASI / IV / LEC

    • The normal OASI / IV / LEC (old-age pension / invalidity insurance / loss of earnings compensation) contributions are deducted from your unemployment benefit.
    • You have no need to fear gaps in your contributions while drawing unemployment benefit.

    Occupational benefits

    • You are insured against the risks of death and invalidity while you are unemployed. Occupational pension funds (second pillar) are not continued automatically.
    • You have the option to continue old-age pension provisions in accordance with the Federal Law on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Invalidity Pension Provision (BVG) on a voluntary basis. You can obtain further information on this from the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution (Stiftung Auffangeinrichtung BVG).


    • You are insured with Suva against accidents while you draw unemployment benefit.
    • The contribution for non-vocational accidents is deducted from your daily allowance.
    • Inform RAV and the unemployment insurance fund immediately if you have an accident.
    • Continue to apply for jobs if you are even partially fit for work after an accident.
    • You need a medical certificate by the 4th day at the latest. Please submit the original to the unemployment insurance fund.


    • In the event of illness, you are insured as follows:
      maximum of 30 calendar days (20–22 days' allowances) of continuous illness
      maximum of 44 days' allowances within your qualifying period
    • You will continue to apply for jobs even in the event of partial incapacity to work (due to illness).
    • If you are ill, inform the RAV without delay. You need a medical certificate by the 4th day at the latest.


    • You are entitled to paid maternity leave for 14 weeks after the birth if you have a child while drawing unemployment benefit.
    • Submit the application for maternity benefits to the responsible OASI (AHV) compensation office.


    • You are entitled to paid paternity leave if you become a father while drawing unemployment benefit.
    • Submit the application for paternity benefits to the responsible OASI (AHV) compensation office.

    Will I receive child benefits and/or training allowances?

    • You are entitled to child benefits and/or training allowances if you have an obligation to maintain children and the other parent is not in employment.
    • The amount of the benefits is based on the applicable Family Allowances Act.
    • The benefits are paid to the parent with the higher salary.
    • In the event of temporary earnings of CHF 592 per month, the benefits are paid by the employer.

    What are temporary earnings and how are they calculated?

    Temporary earnings are income from work that are earned during unemployment. The temporary earnings must be paid in the usual way for the location and profession. The loss of earnings (difference between your insured earnings and the temporary earnings) will be paid to you at 70% or 80% depending on the daily allowance rate.

What are my duties?

    How can I be reached?

    • It will be possible for us to reach you within 24 hours by phone, email, SMS or post.
    • Employers and private employment agencies may also contact you. You will increase your chances of employment if you can be reached easily by phone.

    What events do I report to RAV?

    • Starting a job or temporary earnings
    • Trial days / taster days
    • Holidays or absences (to be notified 14 days in advance)
    • Illness or accident / incapacity for work (must be notified within one week)
    • Postponement (to be notified before the appointment time)
    • Military, civil defence or community service
    • Change of address, telephone number or other contact details
    • Applying for / drawing a pension or daily allowances from another insurer
    • Commencing self-employment

    Job search and reasonable employment

    • You will make every reasonable effort to avoid or shorten your unemployment.
    • You are responsible for seeking work. If necessary, outside your previous profession or desired number of working hours.
    • You are obliged to seek employment. This applies even before you become unemployed, e.g. during your period of notice or during temporary employment.
    • In principle, you will accept any job immediately provided that it is reasonable.

    What happens if I fail to comply with my obligations?

    • Suspension days are days on which no unemployment benefit is paid.

    Grounds for suspension days are in particular:

    • Becoming unemployed through your own fault
    • Making no effort to find employment, or too little effort, efforts of insufficient quality or late applications
    • Infringing monitoring obligations (in particular, unexcused absence from consultations)
    • Failure to comply with agreements and instructions
    • Failure to participate in employment market offers that are referred to you
    • Rejection of reasonable work
    • Infringement of the obligation to provide information and report
    • Provision of false or incomplete information

Advice and qualification:

    Consultations and monitoring meetings

    • Your personnel consultant will invite you regularly to binding consultations and monitoring meetings.
    • At the first meeting, you will agree with your personnel consultant on the next goals and next steps.
    • Inform your personnel consultant in good time if you cannot attend appointments.

    What are employment programmes?

    • Employment programmes (courses, temporary employment programmes, work placements, etc.) support your rapid reintegration into the employment market and help you to improve your professional skills.
    • A wealth of offers are available. You can discuss the selection of an appropriate offer with your personnel consultant.
    • Offers of employment programmes may be made compulsory.

Monthly document submissions

    Proof of efforts to find work

    • Provide evidence once every calendar month (monitoring period) that you have been seeking work.
    • You can submit your efforts to find work by enrolling on Your efforts to find work will then be sent automatically to RAV. That way, you will not miss any deadlines.
    • As a rule, we require a minimum of 8-12 verifiable applications per month.
    • You will apply for jobs as usual during any employment programmes (e.g. a course, job creation scheme).
    • You will make efforts to find work during unpaid holidays.
    • Enquiring / filing your address with a private employment agency will be deemed to be a one-time effort to find work.
    • If you have applications outstanding, you will continue to apply for jobs. You are exempted from your job search if you submit a written contract of employment (starting within 30 days).

    Details regarding the insured person

    • You will submit the "Details regarding insured person" form directly online at the end of every month.
    • The unemployment insurance fund cannot process incomplete forms. This may lead to a delay in the payment of your daily allowances.


    What is RAV responsible for?

    • RAV makes every effort, together with you, to ensure that you find a suitable job again as quickly as possible. Personal advice to you and placement are the primary concerns.

    What is the unemployment insurance fund responsible for?

    • Your unemployment insurance fund clarifies whether you have a claim to unemployment benefit and pays the benefits to which you are entitled on a monthly basis.